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The predecessor of CAG, the Central Design Company was established and located in the Shanlao Lane of Beijing.
Renamed as the Central Design Institute and directly administrated by the vice director of Ministry of Construction, Zhou Rongxin, it became the largest and the first founded central state-operated architecture design institute in China.
Chairman Mao Zedong inspected Beijing Railway Station, which was designed by our institute.
Premier Zhou Enlai was listening architects’ report of in the construction site of Beijing Railway Station.
Premier Zhou Enlai was listening Yuan Jingshen, the president of our institute, explaining the scheme of Vietnam Capital Building.
Mrs. Bandaranaike, the Premier of Sri Lanka visited the construction site of Bandaranaike International Congress Building, which was designed by our institute.
Companied by architects of out institute, the Vice Premier, Gu Mu investigated the reconstruction of Tangshan Earthquake.
The Vice Premier Li Xiannian interviewed the foreign aid experts of our institute and embassy stuffs in Pakistan.
The Vice Premier at that time, Li Peng and Zhu Rongji visited the International Architecture Technology Exhibition held by our institute.
The Vice Premier at that time, Wan Li was cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony of Beijing Library designed by our institute.
State Councilor Qian Qichen and Luo Gan attended the commencement ceremony of the Office Building of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was designed by our institute
Chairman Jiang Zemin visited the Chinese Social Development Exhibition, which was held by our institute.
In the opening ceremony of China Architecture Design and Research Group, the Director of Ministry of Construction at that time, Yu Zhengsheng unveiled the new signboard and made a speech.
The Chairman of CPPCC, Li Ruihuan visited the Office Building of CPPCC, which was designed by our institute.
Chairman Hu Jintao visited the construction site of National Stadium.
Members of Communist Party’s Politburo, Wang Qishan and Liu Qi investigated the structure unloading process of National Stadium