Project > The Legation Quarter,Beijing


Location Dongcheng District, Beijing
Floor Area 10,223m2
Design Time 2005
Completion Time 2008

The Legation Quarter,Beijing

Initially built as the American Legation in the beginning of 20th century, the quadrangel with 5 independent buildings and a quadrangle is renovated to be a high-grand cultural & fashion center in downtown Beijing, which includes restaurants, gallery, theater and entertainment facilities. The added volumes step down to make themselves subsidiaries of the old ones. Accesses for them are designed via the old entries that provide enough chances for visitors to be inspired by the historic atmosphere. The designers juxtaposed this respect for tradition with a distinctly modern vocabulary of steel and glass structural elements, which will not breach the reserved buildings. The state-of-the-art techniques and materials also give them a distinct feature from the 1920s’ style.