Project > International Conference Center of FLTRP


Location Daxing District, Beijing
Floor Area 89,320m2
Design Time 2001
Completion Time 2004


2008 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2008 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Merit Work
2007 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

International Conference Center of FLTRP

This project includes a goods circulation center, a print factory, some educational facilities and some conference assistant facilities. The general architectural form is cube. Borrowing the connection modes of traditional architecture, various connections between units are generated through the distribution of functions. These connections include: solid connections such as the discharging platform between book warehouses, the ramp between education building and guestrooms and the glass stairs between reception hall and multifunction hall; spatial connections such as the visual detached effect created by the lucid glass; visual connections such as the ‘view borrowing’ effect, which achieves the spatial connections between architectural solids.