Project > Office Building of Sinopec


Cooperated with Gensler
Location Chaoyangmen, Beijing
Floor Area 170,000m2
Design Time 2005
Completion Time 2008
Height 99.5m


2009 Beijing Best Project Design Awards Third Prize

Office Building of Sinopec

The project locates at the northeast corner of the ChaoyangmenBridge. It consists of a 26-storey main building and an 11-storey annex building. In the main building, there is a of30m-height atrium, glazed with a light-supported glass curtain wall which invites outside scene and makes it transparent without too much glowing sunlight. Emphasized by vertical strings, the façades receive a grand and straight expression. The cascade-like composition of different types of stones implies the extraction process of oil, and further explains the enterprise image of Sinopec.