Project > Beijing Xiangshan Qingqin


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 96,000m2
Design Time 2004
Completion Time 2008


2009 Beijing Best Project Design Awards Third Prize

Beijing Xiangshan Qingqin

Located on the foot of Fragrant Hill, there are more than 150 houses scattering in the community. Although the layout continues usual traffic organization method, it still borrows several natural sceneries into the site. In both function and form, each individual house achieves a delicate balance between east and west. The half-closed yard facing street ensures its privacy, as well as the other parts are orientated to the inner garden providing views of mountains. Entering the porch, across a front-yard, rounding a screen wall, passing lanes and pools, and finally accessing the interior, the occupant is deeply impressed by the hierarchical sequence of spaces.