Project > Chengdu Oriental Pearl Garden


Location Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Floor Area 82,000m2
Design Time 1999
Completion Time 2002


2004 National Best Project Design Award Silver Prize
2003 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction Second Prize
2004 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

Chengdu Oriental Pearl Garden

The buildings in this scheme are put along the circumference of the site. The commercial facilities and high-rise apartments are located in the corner. The west part is occupied by the residential slab buildings with higher standard. Townhouses are put in the center, where the sight view is best and the privacy can be guaranteed. The focus of environment design is a main axis in landscape and is prolonged forward to form a wedge-shaped green land. On the other end of this axis is a semi-enclosed space where several landscape installments create the summit of the view.